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Refurbished UK hotel features a Mac in every room

Mel Martin

From the land of Shakespeare we have a remodeled hotel that has gone Mac in every room. The Menzies Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon is now about as tech-friendly as a hotel can be, especially for a hotel built in 1866.

All guest rooms now contain a Mac, a flat screen TV, internet connections, Skype and Wi-Fi along with something called 'power showers'. There's even a helicopter landing pad. Shakespeare would be impressed.

The Welcombe is not the only upscale hotel to embrace Macs. The Fountainenbleau in Miami also offers 20" iMacs in every room, as well as docking station-equipped alarm clocks for iPods and other iOS devices. The iMacs can be used to book activities and make reservations while you are at the hotel, although they are in guest account mode and don't allow users to access USB devices or save files locally.

This is all a long way from the crummy clock radio I'm used to seeing in lots of the places I stay. Hopefully more and more hotels will use Macs to enhance the whole experience of being away from home.

Thanks to loyal TUAW reader Josh for the tip.

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