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Star Wars: The Old Republic posts new video for future content updates [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

It's safe to say the past two days haven't been the best for the nascent Star Wars: The Old Republic, with its bugs, breaks, and bearish concerns. That doesn't mean that BioWare is packing it in and heading for the hills, however; the studio has just put out a new video detailing the content slated for the game in the coming months. Director James Ohlen lays out several new additions planned for the near future, several of which are features players had been asking for.

PvP will see the addition of a new Warzone as well as an overall ranking system for avid PvP players to track personal progress. UI customization is also coming, starting with a fully resizable and reconfigurable layout. And the Legacy system is being rolled out in full, complete with the promise of new races being available as Legacy rewards for the factions. So if you're a Star Wars: The Old Republic fan and have been feeling a bit down with recent news, this might help perk you back up.

[Update: A reader named Jon has tipped us off to an article on Gamesradar in which BioWare's Daniel Erickson confirms that the character in today's video is "definitely a Miraluka Sith," which suggests that the Miraluka may be ported cross-faction as part of the Legacy system rewards.]

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