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Transmogrify your way into the Orgrimmar guard

Anne Stickney

So maybe you don't really want to be an esteemed member of the Stormwind guard, or maybe you just don't play a plate-wearing class. Well, there's good news for you -- if you happen to wear leather, that is. The Orgrimmar guard -- not to be confused with the Kor'kron that watches over the Undercity -- has been a fixture in Orgrimmar since the days of vanilla, well before Garrosh's makeover of the city. And the guards all wear the same distinctive outfit, though it isn't anywhere near as fancy as the plate of the Stormwind guard.

Back in the early days of Warcraft, Stormwind was one of the first cities developed, and it got a lot of attention to detail -- like the guards and those fancy helmets they wear. In contrast, Orgrimmar changed several times before finally getting to what we saw in vanilla. Alpha videos of Orgrimmar show how much the city developed between alpha and release. The Orgrimmar guards don't really have any special pieces of gear, nothing that is unique to their particular model like the Stormwind guard.

And back in vanilla, there were a lot of player complaints about how Orgrimmar wasn't really fancy at all, compared to majestic city streets of Stormwind. Regardless of favoritism complaints, there's one good thing about the somewhat bland looking Orgrimmar guard -- they are incredibly easy to copy. In fact, every piece of gear on the Orgrimmar models was taken from armor available to players ... which means it's easy to get your hands on.

  • Head None of the Orgrimmar guard wear helmets, so turn your helm graphic off for this look.
  • Shoulders The unique red spiked shoulders of the Orgrimmar guard aren't really unique at all. Look for the Cabalist Spaulders or Rageclaw Shoulder Pads; either of these items have the red spiked shoulder graphic that the Orgrimmar guards wear.
  • Back No cloaks, either, so turn your cloak graphic off!
  • Chest The chestpiece you're looking for is the Sentinel Breastplate, a random green drop.
  • Wrists You don't really need to transmogrify your bracers, but if you're looking to match, keep an eye out for the Sentinel Bracers -- they are the match to this set.
  • Hands Get used to seeing the word sentinel; the gloves you are looking for are the Sentinel Gloves, also from the Sentinel set.
  • Waist Once again, you're looking for Sentinel gear. This time, the Sentinel Girdle is the match.
  • Legs Sentinel Trousers are the shorts you're looking for to match this set.
  • Feet Of course you're looking for boots ... and of course those boots are the Sentinel Boots.
  • Main-hand weapon The exact match to the guard's weapon shown in the screencap here is the Monstrous War Axe -- but that's a two-handed axe, and if you're a leather-wearing class, you won't be able to wield the thing. Any one-handed axe will do, but you'll want something silver to mimic the look of the guards. Personally, I like the look of Edge of Winter -- it's craftable by blacksmiths, so it's easily obtainable, and it's pretty, too. But it's all a matter of personal preference!
  • Off-hand weapon Since the guards are carrying a two-handed weapon, they do not have an off-hand. For rogues who cart two weapons around, just find yourself a silver dagger to transmog for your off-hand item, something relatively subtle in appearance.
  • Tabard Though the honor guard over at Stormwind likes to wear the Stormwind colors, none of the Orgrimmar guard wears tabards, so you simply don't need to worry about it. Easy enough!
This is a leather set, so rogues and druids, this one is for you. You'll notice the entirety of this set is made up of random green drops, which does make the hunt a little more difficult. If you're having trouble finding pieces of the Sentinel set, it has a look-alike called the Warden's set. Both sets are the exact same color and model, so either can be used for transmogrification purposes. Random green drops are just that -- random -- so it make take a little while for you to gather all the pieces. All of these items are in the level 40 range, so killing mobs in zones like Tanaris, Thousand Needles, and Felwood is your best bet, as well as keeping an eye on the Auction House, of course.

Once you've got your set put together, feel free to walk around Orgrimmar at your whim. Because this set is composed of easily obtainable parts, if you're an orc, the only real clue that you aren't a real guard will be the weapon you're carting around -- well, that and the name over your head, that is. But other races can put together and wear this set just as easily, and seeing a troll, tauren -- or heck, even a blood elf or Forsaken -- wandering around in this set is sure to raise a few eyebrows. If you're Alliance, you can throw this together just as easily as anyone on the Horde side ... but you may want to prepare yourself for a few questions about your allegiances while you're putting it all together!

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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