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Try Grand Chase: Chaos' Rufus character free from Massively

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Everyone loves freebies -- here at Massively we love getting them, but we love giving them too.

The latest in our lineup of Goodies From Massively is a new item courtesy of the development team over at Grand Chase: Chaos. The developers have brought back the Nightmare Circus event and given us three hundred keys for the Rufus character. Ready to give him a try?

Head over to our giveaway page to grab a code, then download Grand Chase and create a character if you haven't yet. Once you've done so, visit the game's coupon redemption page to use the key you got from Massively, then check back in to Grand Chase to find your item in your inventory.

Enjoy, and thanks to the Grand Chase: Chaos team for the goodies!


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