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Apple Stores construction suppliers


Apple recently released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report for 2012 and, for the first time, provided a list of 156 suppliers. This list covers 97% of the companies that supply Apple with materials, manufacturing and assembly of its products.

Now that we know which companies are behind Apple's hardware, the folks at ifoAppleStore compiled a list of manufacturers that build Apple's retail stores. The list contains 141 companies including household names like Benjamin Moore and little known names like BGT Bischoff.

Just like it does with its line of mobile devices and computers, Apple pays attention to even the smallest design details. ifoAppleStore's research suggests Apple seeks out little-known companies to supply distinct building materials for its retail stores. Not only does Apple use unique items, the company supposedly designs its stores to be consistent across the chain. The same door knob you see in the Boston store will be present in the San Francisco store, too.

If you're curious about which company provides Apple with coat hooks, head over to ifoAppleStore for its list of retail store suppliers.

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