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Guild Wars 2 devs name their nine favorite skill combos


We've heard plenty about Guild Wars 2's dynamic content, branching storylines, and lack of a holy trinity, but one feature that hasn't seen a lot of coverage is the game's combo system. The combo system is really exactly what it sounds like: It allows a player (or multiple players) to meld different abilities into one powerful gestalt of an attack.

A new article over on IGN gives players some insight into the ArenaNet devs' favorite skill combinations, such as the mixture of a Necromancer's Well of Darkness and an Elementalist's Churning Earth. Used separately, the Well of Darkness blinds players within its area of effect, while Churning Earth causes large amounts of AoE damage. When cast together, though, the addition of Well of Darkness adds another powerful AoE attack to ensure that anyone standing in the area of effect has a really bad day. To get a look at the other eight favorite developer skill combos, just click on through the link below.

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