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Microsoft confirms Xbox dash video issues, is working on a fix


The Xbox 360 dashboard update left some users seeing gray -- not metaphorically in the "their lives had lost all color and meaning" way, but in a literal sense. Videos on the new dash have appeared washed out and dull for some users, with black reading as gray, and Microsoft had previously ignored the complaint, even when it was brought up in beta testing, Eurogamer reports.

Xbox's Major Nelson tweeted yesterday that he's heard the public outcry -- or maybe he saw Eurogamer's in-depth demonstration of the new dash's short-range RGB levels -- and he says the team is working on a solution. "We're aware of the colorspace issue w/ some Xbox video apps & are working on a fix," Major Nelson wrote. "No ETA yet but we hope to have an update soon."

For now, maybe pretend all the new videos you watch on the Xbox dash are in "sepia" mode.

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