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SOL: Exodus attempts space combat genre reignition Jan. 25


Evoking the legacy of the Wing Commander and FreeSpace series, Seamless Entertainment's SOL: Exodus is an indie game that seeks to re-energize the space combat sim genre. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, the game grabbed our attention late last year, and is now set to launch January 25 on Steam.

"SOL: Exodus is a chance for gamers to get back to some real fun in a genre that's lost its luster in recent years," said creative director Chris Stockman. "We want to revive space combat games. People today want epic games and tense, action-packed experiences and we believe we've done that with SOL: Exodus. The game has huge battles and in some cases you are fighting against very large capital ships, which you can take down on your own. It's a blast in so many different ways."

SOL features an eight-mission story that covers the first half of a campaign to rescue refugees fleeing the impending supernova. Standing in the players way is a fundamentalist faction of humanity that believes those not consumed in the explosion are damned to an even hotter place.

The game will launch at $9.99, with players making it to Titan (a moon of Saturn) in the first installment. DLC in the coming months will head to "Jupiter, Mars, Earth and the final battles closer to the Sun." Hmm, isn't that the opposite direction of a supernova exodus? Then again, SOL: Facing Disaster Head-on doesn't have the same ring.

Update: Now with trailer.

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