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Written in the S.T.A.R.S.: Capcom dreams of CoD fans playing Resident Evil


For those hoping Resident Evil 6 will play like a classic Resident Evil title, with more puzzles and less emphasis on (not) running and gunning -- look away now. Go watch the My Little Pony Skyrim mod and live in ignorant bliss for a while longer. You'll thank us later. Still here? All right, but we warned you:

Capcom UK Marketing head Dave Turner said Resident Evil wants to tap into the Call of Duty market with its coming titles, noting Operation Raccoon City in particular: "The dream would be that the millions of Call of Duty fans that are enjoying these fast-paced online games are attracted to this Resident Evil," Turner said.

Resident Evil has attracted more players since incorporating more action, with Resident Evil 5 leading the charge, Turner said. "We've seen the popularity of Resident Evil increase massively as the series became more action oriented -- Resident Evil 5 is the biggest seller in the series," he said. "So, it makes sense for us to follow this action area more fully."

Turner was speaking mostly with Operation Raccoon City in mind, it sounds like, although the trailer for Resident Evil 6 doesn't make it look like the riddle-ridden games of yore.

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