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HTC and IBM hooking up to charm commercial clients


HTC is looking to turn green to blue: it's banking that its hardware expertise will meet the needs of IBM's long list of commercial clients to become a big enterprise player. At the start of IBM Lotusphere, the former PC maker showed off "smart business" applications that ran on the smartphone maker's gear. HTC's David Jaeger has set a sales target of 100 million devices, hoping that whenever big blue is "talking about Android or tablets, HTC is in the conversation." The 'lil green phone company has reportedly taken great pains to ensure its gear is secure and that the Scribe software used in the HTC Flyer and Jetstream plays nice with all of IBM's business-kit. Our tip? It might think about lowering the price on those $80 styluses before it goes schmoozing cash-strapped IT Buyers.

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