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Japanese hardware sales, January 9 - 15: Looking back edition

Jordan Mallory

What with Resident Evil 6 being a real, honest-to-goodness thing now, we thought'd we'd take this opportunity to look back at the series and appreciate how far things have come since the olden days. For example, were you aware that the original Resident Evil was ported to the Game Boy Color, only for the project to be canceled and the port never released? What about the existence of the Tiger version of Resident Evil 2 seen above, which was actually released? Like, for humans?

Seriously, kids these days take their fancy graphics and cover systems for granted. Back in our day, all we had were horrible games, and sometimes they didn't even come out! And we were grateful!

3DS: 100,668 [DOWN] 140,151 (58.20%)
PS3: 30,332 [DOWN] 44,127 (59.26%)
PSP: 22,538 [DOWN] 48,495 (68.27%)
Vita: 18,361 [DOWN] 24,554 (57.22%)
Wii: 14,179 [DOWN] 35,346 (71.37%)
Xbox 360: 1,519 [DOWN] 1,219 (44.52%)
DSi LL: 1,515 [DOWN] 2,456 (61.85%)
DSi: 1,206 [DOWN] 2,359 (66.17%)
PS2: 766 [DOWN] 557 (42.10%)

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