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TouchTV comes to LG Smart TV, iPads: catch news clips at home, on the go


If you swing past your local Best Buy and pick up one of those new-fangled LG Smart TVs, you'll find TouchTV's news-clip collection platform available inside. That way you'll be able to watch the trendiest (or at least the most watched) current-affairs clips without having to wait the twenty seconds or so before your rolling news channel of choice displays similar. TouchTV also announced today an iPad app that'll let you grab those newsy clips from your Apple-based slate of choice. The app's available gratis from the store (link below) and we've got the official words and pictures from the company about both products after the interval.

Jose Andrade contributed to this report.

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LG Electronics Announces Partnership With Touchtv


SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Electronics & Touchtv today announced their global partnership with Touchtv to be integrated into LG Smart TVs.

Touchtv will be available to tens of millions of viewers on their LG Smart TVs. With Touchtv, LG Smart TVs offer viewers innovative capabilities such as watching the biggest trending events at any time. Touchtv and LG also plan to share more product details as the newest LG Smart TVs become available later this year.

"With LG's constant innovation, remarkable product quality, and focus on incredible customer experiences, we're very excited to be a partner of LG," said Kevin Pomplun, SkyGrid's CEO. "We're delighted to have designed such a remarkable product together and to be available for the launch of LG's newest Smart TVs."

Custom designed for LG Smart TVs, Touchtv gives viewers around the clock access to watch the most exciting trending events.

LG Smart TVs with Touchtv will be available to customers in Q1 2012; additional details to follow in local markets.


Touchtv Launches World's First TV for iPad


SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Created by SkyGrid, who Apple® just named a Best News App of 2011, Touchtv introduced the world's first TV for iPad today.

Touchtv also announced the immediate availability of its Touchtv App for iPad™, that lets viewers watch their favorite programs anytime, anywhere. With Touchtv, viewers can watch their favorite sports, entertainment, politics, and news channels.

"With over 1.7 billion people watching TV every day, TV is the biggest media there's ever been, and now it's available on the fastest growing device in history, the iPad," said Kevin Pomplun, SkyGridʼs CEO. "Touchtv not only gives you the most captivating programs anywhere, it actually makes TV light enough that you can hold it in your hands. It's amazing." Custom designed for the iPad, Touchtv gives viewers their own personal TV to watch their favorite channels effortlessly. Simply launch Touchtv and "touch" any channel to start watching. From the Home Screen viewers can add more channels and personalize their TV.

Touchtv puts a world of programming in viewer's hands, with the best channels from sports, entertainment, politics, and more. It updates automatically and seamlessly delivers the latest programs from the exact channels viewers want.

Touchtv is available for free at or from the App Store on iPad or at

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