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Daily iPhone App: Boogieman Radar


Boogieman Radar is a cute iPhone app for parents whose young children are afraid of a boogieman in their closet or under their bed. For parents, it's a virtual reality app with an overlay radar that you use to scan a room for boogiemen. For small children, it's a lifesaver that'll help them fall asleep.

The app lets you choose a girl guide or a boy guide to help your child scan the room. After you make your selection, the girl or boy then talks your child through the scanning process. The boogieman detector uses the camera to display the room on the screen and overlays a green radar screen with a line scanner. The app also makes the common blip and beep noises you'd expect with a radar. After about 10 seconds of scanning, the guide will announce that the room is safe, and the child can rest easy.

Boogieman Radar is definitely for younger child. My older kids (five to ten-years-old) enjoyed running around with the radar, but they were hoping to find a Boogieman lurking around the corner, not discover the room was safe. My younger kids (two to four-years-old), however, enjoyed scanning and seem reassured when the app announced the room was safe. If you have a young child who's afraid of this childhood monster, then Boogieman Radar may be a solution that'll help reassure him or her that nothing is lurking in the dark. It's available for 99-cents from the iOS App Store.

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