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First Apple Store in the Netherlands to open in February


A strong windstorm gave some bloggers in the Netherlands a chance to view the progress of construction at the new Apple Store on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The wind blew away part of the barriers around the new store, and Apple fans in the city quickly took advantage by shooting some great photos.

According to, the store is expected to open next month. The bloggers are thinking that Saturday, February 18 may be the opening date. That speculation is based on finding out that a company that will take care of the building cleaning is expected to start work at the site in mid-February, and that training of employees has been scheduled.

Like the Apple Store at the Louvre in Paris, the Leidseplein Apple Store has a pyramidal glass roof. A circular glass staircase (see photo at top) will connect the two floors of the store, which will be the first Apple Store in the Netherlands.

And now, a picture of Dutch Apple Pie to go along with the Dutch Apple Store -- after all, who doesn't love pie?

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