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Quadratum Mortis brings dual-wielding Move combat to PS3 this year


Have you been waiting for more two-fisted Move action? Lamenting that second Move controller you bought for yourself, after The Fight: Lights Out lost its appeal? Developer Lamagama will put those wands to use with its upcoming game Quadratum Mortis, a fantasy-style combat game that uses two Moves to control a sword and shield -- or, if the above concept art is any indication, two swords.

According to the blurb on Lamagama's site, you'll be able to "fight with your friends over PlayStation Network," and use a traditional controller if you don't have a pile of Moves around.

Lamagama is also at work on Egg 'n' Roll, a 3D action game planned for release on "mobile platforms such as iOS and PS Vita," due in Q4.

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