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Texas Instruments 2011 Q4 earnings: $3.42 billion in revenue, $298 million in profit


It's that special time of year after CES, when many tech companies regale us with their latest earnings reports. Texas Instruments is the most recent firm to divulge its financials, and while the company isn't breaking any records, it did beat Wall Street's expectations. TI pulled in $3.42 billion in revenue, a three percent dip from the previous year, and profit dropped to $298 million from the $942 million it made in Q4 2010. While the company's spinning the numbers as a positive, stating that orders for its chips are up and its revenue beat estimates, the fact that TI's closing two manufacturing plants over the next year and a half doesn't paint such a rosy picture. Of course, if the future with OMAP 5 is as good as we think it is, Texas Instruments should be just fine.

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