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Twisted Metal's PSN Pass, demo, and day-one patch: Jaffe explains


Yes, Twisted Metal will use a PSN Pass, creator David Jaffe confirmed in a half-hour-long video blog. Skip to about 15 minutes in if you want to hear all of his thoughts on it, but to summarize he's "torn" on online passes in general. He supports them for most games, but opposed its inclusion in Twisted Metal, as he wanted there to be a low barrier of entry for as many players as possible, to let them all experience online play and get back into the series. In the end, "It wasn't my call," Jaffe said. "It's Sony's game, and they funded it, and I respect their decision."

Other news for the car combat game include confirmation of an upcoming demo, and a day-one patch. Jaffe explained that ramming was doing too much damage, especially ramming from a shake-activated move he calls the "SIXAXIS Slam," so the team is fixing that and other balance tweaks in a small patch. There are things he'd like to change about the levels, but that won't be in the initial patch out of concern for long, annoying download times. "We'd love to do future tweaks and adjustments to the game," he said, "and some of those hopefully will be level-based, and those might be a little longer. Key balance issues and some of the bugs."

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