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Vita gets more Remote Play titles with hacked PS3 firmware


Several YouTube videos have popped up, showcasing PlayStation 3 titles being played via the PlayStation Vita's Remote Play function -- titles usually not supported by the feature. Officially, the Vita is currently restricted to a handful of titles, but a hacked version of PS3 firmware 3.55 (reportedly susceptible to the infamous PS3 "jailbreak" hack) allows users to play many more titles.

The Vita appears as a "mobile phone" in this configuration, and offers up a wider variety of choices than the normal Vita Remote Play. The videos in question, uploaded by YouTube users homer49, feature Batman: Arkham Asylum, Battlefield 3 (shown above), Alice: Madness Returns, Mortal Kombat and Red Dead Redemption. The games display a hefty amount of input lag.

Sony still plans to expand the official Remote Play library going forward. The company previously showed Killzone 3 running via Remote Play at the Tokyo Game Show and stated that developers would soon receive tools to help implement Remote Play on upcoming and previously released titles.

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