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Chevy Volt safe from fire hazard after all, says government


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The Chevy Volt isn't prone to catching fire after all, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The all-electric car came under scrutiny last year after one caught fire following a side-impact crash test. GM offered a buyback program for Volt owners concerned their cars might suddenly immolate, then the company made "enhancements" to the Volt's battery coolant system. That set things right, as far as the NHTSA is concerned: it says "no discernable defect trend exists" in the Volt, and that GM's revisions "reduce the potential for battery intrusion resulting from side impacts." Chevy dropped the Volt's price by $1,000 for 2012, too. So what do you think? Is a $39,000 starting price and less of a chance of burning to death enough to make you go electric?

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