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Indie Royale presents the Serious Sam lightning deal


Indie Royale is hosting a lightning deal over a span of 100 hours, serving up five indie titles from one niche franchise -- Serious Sam. The Indie Royale lightning deal includes Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Serious Sam Double D, Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, The First and Second Encounter and the world premiere of Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter, an 8-bit top-down demake.

These indie homages to Serious Sam launched alongside Serious Sam 3: BFE last year, each taking a different approach to revamping the franchise. The Indie Royale lightning deal marks Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack's premiere on PC, previously being a mobile title. As with all Indie Royale deals, the earlier you buy, the cheaper the minimum price -- although people paying more than the minimum can bring down the price for everyone. So don't put down those scissors or those bombs, and run like lightning!

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