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iPad has become a big factor in African business


Here's an interesting stat: As compared to the global average, professionals in Africa are actually twice as likely to get offered an iPad by their employers. Forty-seven percent of respondents to IDG's latest survey revealed that they own an iPad issued to them by their employer. The global average, according to the survey, is 24 percent. That sounds high to me, but then again it just means that IDG likely interviewed people already in corporations more likely to give out iPads.

It doesn't mean the African number is entirely unfounded, however. It makes perfect sense that many employees working remotely in Africa (for example, outside big cities) would find good use for Apple's iPads. In addition, 83 percent of respondents report using their iPads at work, while only 43 percent report using their iPad at home. That work number is much higher than the global average of 51 precent, and that home number is lower than the global average of 54 percent. IDG says the discrepancy is likely the consequence of spotty Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity on the African continent.

Keep in mind that the iPad could serve as a low-cost, powerful Internet-connected computer, which means that it's used for plenty of reasons, not just because it's supplied by an employer. IDG also notes that even globally, the iPad's users remain extremely loyal to Apple: Only 17 percent of those surveyed said they would consider purchasing another non-Apple tablet in the future.

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