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League of Legends' Sivir draws second blood


With a nickname like "Battle Mistress," it's a safe bet that League of Legends' Sivir isn't the docile, domesticated type. Sporting heavy ranged damage and the ability to hit multiple targets at once, Sivir has been a popular champion over the past couple years. This week, Riot Games is turning the spotlight on Sivir with an informative six-minute video highlighting her abilities and strategies.

Sivir is a strong pusher and excels in fights with many combatants. She's a good pick for those who aren't as concerned with precision and one-on-one strength but instead love to rack up large numbers in the middle of chaos.

It's interesting to note that Sivir already enjoyed a Champion Spotlight on the LoL site, but since she got a makeover in 2010, Riot felt that it was important to give her another moment in the limelight. You can watch the full video after the jump!

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