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R18+ bill goes before Australian parliament in February


A bill to allow an R18+ rating for games in Australia will be introduced to the parliament in February, Gamespot AU reports. Federal Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare plans to introduce the bill during the first session in parliament this year, expected to commence February 7.

Once introduced, the bill has to make its way through both houses, which have shown support for the bill. Even after all that, depending on the speed of the Classification Board, the R18+ rating could take some time to be in use. The point of the R18+ rating is to create an equivalent to the United States' ESRB "M" and Europe's "PEGI 18," allowing games deemed unsuitable for those under 15 years-of-age to be sold in the country. The current classifications regularly result in the outright banning of games in Australia, or massively toned down versions being produced for the continent.

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