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MechWarrior Online unveils the classic CN9-A Centurion BattleMech


Giant robot fans everywhere are getting pumped up for Piranha Games' upcoming MechWarrior Online, but what's a MechWarrior game without lots of badass BattleMechs? Boring, that's what. Fortunately, however, there's plenty of giant robot lovin' to go around in MWO, and today the team is revealing the newest (though we use that term loosely) addition to the roster: the Centurion.

The CN9-A Centurion is a long-time favorite of anyone who has hung around in the MechWarrior universe for long enough, and it's easy enough to see why. Armed with weapons suitable for any range, the Centurion is a force to be reckoned with no matter where he is on the battlefield. Whether it's launching LRM-10 missiles across the battlefield or wrecking someone's day personally with its AC/10 autocannon and medium lasers, you can bet the Centurion will be making a triumphant return in MechWarrior Online.

For the full details on the newly revealed BattleMech, just jump on over to the game's official site.

[Thanks to nimzy for the tip!]

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