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Tesla is racing to the finish line for Model S prep, talks up 'Supercharging'


Despite losing two of its big kahunas, electric car maker Tesla is stepping on the throttle of its new Model S project like a battery-powered bat out of hell. While recently doing some 'splainin with Autoblog, Tesla Vice President of Communications Ricardo Reyes confirmed that initial deliveries of the four-door sedan are still on track for mid-2012 in the United States, followed by a European launch six months later. Reyes also talked up the creation of Supercharging locations to help long-driving Model S users with higher-capacity 60kWh and 85kWh batteries charge their car from 10 percent to 90 percent in 45 minutes -- Model S cars with the lower-end 40kWh battery won't be able to Supercharge, though. Tesla already announced a tax-credit fueled $49,900 price tag for the base model in December. Folks who prefer their electric vehicle to come with some more chest hair will be happy to know that the Feb. 9 unveiling of the seven-seat Model X SUV is still on track.

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