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Namco Arcade is a weirdly stocked virtual game center for iOS


Namco has discovered another avenue for selling you its stable of classic games. The free Namco Arcade app for iOS is the most haphazardly chosen collection of catalog titles yet: Xevious, Phozon, Motos, and The Tower of Druaga.

Taking a page from Turbografx-16 Gamebox's ... book ... of how to sell old games ... Namco Arcade offers free play of one selected title per day. You can choose one every day, or -- here taking inspiration from Capcom Arcade -- buy "Play Coins" to unlock additional plays. If you don't want to deal with that nonsense, in-app purchases will let you buy the games permanently for $3.99.

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Today NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released NAMCO ARCADE on the iOS platform, a free-to-download collection of faithfully restored 1980s arcade classics. This charmingly retro collection of gems includes XEVIOUS, The Tower of Druaga, Motos and Phozon. The app is available now for free on the App Store and is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad 2.

NAMCO ARCADE includes the four titles XEVIOUS, The Tower of Druaga, Motos and Phozon, with additional titles slated for future release. Players can choose one title and play for free once per day, polishing their skills at the same game every day or getting a taste of each title by choosing a new one each day. Players who want to have another go or want to try a different game can purchase Play Coins from within the application or purchase individual titles for those who want to play to their hearts' content.

In NAMCO ARCADE, players can test their skills against the gaming world with online rankings. For those players who like to exhibit their gaming prowess, the title offer online rankings to compete with rivals from around the globe. Competitive titles will change each week, so players can aim for the top in title they're familiar with, as well as titles they've not yet mastered. With uploadable play data, gamers can view other players' in-game performances. Using this valuable resource, players can see the surprising skills of others around the world, and find tricks and strategies that they can use to come out on top.

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