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XCOM: Enemy Unknown shares its gas-station strategy


Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown will require a specific blend of strategy, turn-based and action-title abilities -- even with a team of three against a unit of Mutons holed up in a 1950s diner across the lot from a gas station. Such is the new preview provided by Game Informer, describing the turn-based steps and tactical placement of a three-person squad assaulting a team of Mutons, told through in-game screens.

The piece outs a perk for the sniper, who earns "Damn Good Ground" after grappling to the top of the gas-station canopy, and the "Run & Gun" ability for the Assault soldier, which allows her to run across the diner's roof and still open fire at the end of her turn. Firaxis has yet to release video footage of this fall's XCOM game, but if you scroll really fast through these pictures, it's almost like a stop-motion movie. Almost.

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