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Xsyon announces newest Guide-run event: The Grand Cart Race


Earlier this month, we reported on a player-run event being held in Notorious Games' sandbox MMO Xsyon, and bear-fighting was involved. Today, the team has put out an announcement for a new Guide-run event, though unfortunately bear-fighting is not involved. What is involved, though, is cart racing.

The event, known formally as The Grand Cart Race, will begin at 3:00 p.m. EST on this coming Sunday, January 29th. Players are encouraged to bring their own carts to race, but if you haven't built or traded for a cart yet, don't worry; the guides will be handing out loaners for the duration of the event. The team doesn't reveal what exactly the race will entail, but mentions that "there will be different stages of the course aimed at taking advantage of each of the features of the carts." For the full details, check out the event's official thread on the game's forums, then prepare to do it up NASCAR: post-apocalypse-style.

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