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Rage HD adds melee combat, in-app purchases in 2.0 update


Shooting mutants? Psh, where's the challenge in that? Any Mutant Bash TV participant worth his weight in shotgun shells will tell you the true mark of great contestants is their ability to entertain the audience. Nothing makes for good programming like slicing and dicing some mutants!

Melee combat is just one of Rage HD's newest features in update 2.0. There are also two new episodes, Kraken and Aqueduct -- which players can purchase together for $.99 from the in-app store -- to play through and full iOS 5 support. And, for the best viewing experience, the app also supports HDMI out, in case you want to host your own Mutant Bash TV murder party.

Just, uh, don't tell people it's a murder party. They might get the wrong idea.

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