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WoW Moviewatch: Mama Said Freeze You Out


I don't think it's any secret than I'm a child of the '80s. OK, technically, a child of the '70s. But my formative years of music preference were filled with plenty of LL Cool J. It's no surprise that Nananea's Mama Said Freeze You Out is a favorite of mine. Listening to the song is like sinking into a warm, fluffy blanket of my teenage music, just with Nananea instead of LL Cool J.

Of course, even better than just a parody of the original song, Mama Said Freeze You Out is one of those rare, rare videos in which the Alliance PvPs the ever-loving snot out of the Horde. You don't get a lot of that. Most of the "I'm so awesome, Imma blow up your dog with my mad epic daggers" videos tend to be Horde-flavored. I guess that makes sense, since there was a time when the Horde racials were vastly superior for PvP, but it still makes treats like this video that much more delicious.

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