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Rising Star Games to bring JP titles to US, starting with Akai Katana


Rising Star Games
, UK publisher of Japanese franchises such as Harvest Moon and No More Heroes, is making a foray into US publishing, MCV reports. Rising Star has opened an office in California and plans to release its first title, Cave's Akai Katana, on Xbox 360 in Q2 2012. We've watched with bitter jealousy as Japan and Europe enjoyed some of these releases exclusively, and Cave in particular has been very good at rubbing it in our faces. Party's over, Cave.

Rising Star has also launched an offshoot to handle its downloadable releases, called Rising Star Games Digital. "Rising Star Games Digital has been something we've been working on for a while," company MD Martin Defries said. "We envisage a huge growth in downloadable product over the coming years, and intend to play a big part shaping the future development of our exciting industry."

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