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Rumor: THQ reduces AU staff by 14, Japan office set to close [update: THQ responds]


One "anonymous source" speaking to Kotaku's Australian arm believes that more layoffs are affecting THQ, this time specifically targeting 14 AU-based employees and the remainders of the company's Japan-based office. As has been the company line throughout the the past week of intermittent layoffs, "THQ's five internal studios have not ben affected," the piece says, referencing THQ San Diego, Relic, Volition, Vigil and THQ Montreal.

The rumor seemingly falls in step with last week's news of "administrative and publishing departments" being affected, as THQ's Australian and Japanese presence amounts to little more than distribution offices. The rumors follow two confirmed rounds of layoffs at the ailing publisher, whose stock price is trading at roughly $.70 currently.

THQ had yet to return request for comment as of publishing, but we'll update this post as we hear more. The publisher will report its financial third quarter results this Thursday, where it's promising more information about recent restructuring.

Update: THQ issued a response to Joystiq, which reads: "The actions in APAC [Asia-Pacific] are related to our reduction in force from last week – same statement applies. However, 'closing' is not accurate as we still have staff on the ground there and our OZ office has always handled our business relationships in APAC."

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