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Samsung brings us more to love, offers Galaxy Note engraving in South Korea

Zach Honig

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Sure, you can draw whatever the heck you want on the front of your Galaxy Note, but what about that blank blue or white canvas 'round back? With north of a million 5.3-inch pocketable slates in circulation around the world, you'll need to get a bit more creative to truly make it yours -- and Samsung is willing to help. If a trip to South Korea is on the books between now and March 31st, you can now deck out your Note with custom messaging on the back, with the company letting customers "engrave wished letters on the backside of their own device with laser beams." And we can all agree that laser beams boost the appeal of any device -- even the Note. So what would you tattoo on your Note's backside? We'll share a few staff picks just below, but let us know your plans in the comments.
  • "Large is just a matter of perspective"
  • "Yes, I can make phone calls"
  • "It's not a STYLUS"
  • "Size DOES matter"
  • "More to Love"
  • "Wide Load"

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