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A sneak peek at Guild Wars 2's PvP Scholar armor [Updated]


Admit it: You aren't always out just for the thrill of the experience -- you want the bling-bling to go with it. A shopping spree, with your sword playing the role of "credit card" and each corpse a potential bonanza of fashion acquisitions. That's okay; we're not here to judge you.

In fact, if fancy armor gets your motor running, Guild Wars Insider has a treat for you: two pictures of Guild Wars 2's PvP Scholar armor set modeled by a majestic Norn Elementalist. While the armor may not maximize skin coverage, the detail and design is certainly fetching.

These pictures were taken inside of the PvP lobbies, which are breathtaking environments all to themselves. The picture on the left was taken in the Battle of Khylo lobby.

ArenaNet has been rolling out the news of Guild Wars 2's PvP system ever since Gamescom last year.

[Thanks to Seven for the tip!]

[Update: Guild Wars Insider has posted up additional screenshots of PvP, pets, and even more armor.]

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