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Browser-based FPS sets world record for simultaneous players

Jef Reahard

A new world record for simultaneous FPS participants was set over the weekend. Man vs. Machine, a browser title from MuchDifferent, is the new champion thanks to its ability to support 999 players on a single battlefield at the same time.

MuchDifferent CEO Christian Lonnholm says that Man vs. Machine smashed the previous record of 600 simultaneous combatants held by Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide, and he also viewed the event as a resounding success despite missing the stated 1,000-player goal by a single digit.

"I am very proud that we could show the world such a massive game with no lag and great responsiveness," Lonnholm said. "We never managed to get the full thousand, though, because of the inherent unpredictability of the internet with players constantly timing out and logging out."

Head past the cut for a video of the record-setting event.

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