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T-Mobile updates FamilyWhere location tracking service for worrisome parents

Zachary Lutz

It was never intended as such, but The Rolling Stones' song Under My Thumb could easily pass as the anthem of overbearing parents across the globe. Now, T-Mobile is tossing its paranoid constituents a bone with an updated version of its FamilyWhere lineup. First onto the platform is FamilyWhere Check In, a free app that lets kids manually send their location to family members, which is delivered as a web link within a text message. The carrier's more robust application, known as FamilyWhere Locate, is a $10/mo subscription service that automatically provides location tracking for up to ten devices. Here, doting parents (and untrusting spouses) can keep tabs on their family via a web browser or the FamilyWhere app, and may choose to have regular location updates delivered via SMS or email. Now all you have to do is slap DriveSmart onto your kids' phones, and they're certain to resent you forever.

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