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ESRB warning might reveal new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken


Street Fighter X Tekken has been officially listed by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (T for Teen, if you're wondering), and some details in the listing may have revealed a few more characters for the game. The description of possibly objectionable content in the game mentions both a character that uses "chainsaws," as well as the fact that "one wobbly character uses 'drunken' fighting moves."

Neither of those descriptions matches any of the announced characters thus far, and fans have jumped to the conclusion that Tekken's Alisa Bosconovitch (who wields chainsaw arms) and drunken fighter Lei Wulong may be making an appearance in the crossover. It certainly seems possible, and this wouldn't be the first time ESRB has mentioned information in its warnings that was supposed to be secret. With the game due out next month, we'll know the truth before long.

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