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Gundam Statue rebuilt to guard eponymous museum


Let's be honest, the saga of the giant RX-78-2 couldn't have ended with the 59-foot replica mecha lying scattered in pieces. On April 19th, Bandai's opening a theme park dedicated to the world's greatest giant-robot cartoon, Neon Genesis Evangelion Mobile Suit Gundam. Adults will pay 1,000 yen ($13), Kids 800 yen ($10) to visit the 2,050 square-meter "Gundam Front," park, in a shopping mall in Tokyo's Odaiba district. There's even a themed café and store, to buy all of your giant-robots and giant-robot-based accessories -- but no word yet if we'll be able to build our own version of the giant Gundam that'll guard the entrance. In other news, we've still not heard anything about that Space Battleship Yamato-themed cruise liner that was in the offing a few years ago.

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