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TERA pre-orders available, closed beta access included

Jef Reahard

TERA news is coming fast and furious lately, and luckily for En Masse, today's blurb is a good one. The game is officially available for pre-order, and as you would expect, there are all kinds of options relating to various gifts and gadgets depending on where (and what version) you purchase. There's also a bit of beta bribery in the form of automatic access to all five of the closed testing phases that begin this month and continue through April.

What about the editions?

Well, you can choose between standard, digital collector's, and physical collector's version, and the latter two come with an in-game mount and a couple of unique necklace items. The physical collector's edition justifies its $79.99 price point with a cloth map, a soundtrack CD, a handbook, a compass, and a letter of marque. En Masse is also offering a couple of exclusives for purchasing directly through its online store.

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