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THQ CEO Farrell takes 50% pay cut, board of directors also takes cuts


THQ is definitely experiencing some troubles related to its uDraw flop and subsequent layoffs, as evidenced by a new document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
President and CEO Brian Farrell will take a pay cut for the year starting February 15, which reduces his salary from $718,500 to $359,250. His salary will go back up the next year.

His golden parachute has also been tailored a bit more closely, as the payment he'd receive upon departure from the company (either termination "without cause" or resignation with "good reason") has been cut from three times his highest-ever bonus to just his highest-ever bonus. This is, of course, a small sacrifice compared to the THQ employees whose salaries went from "some" to "none."

The board of directors is also seeing some cuts: all the other directors have "elected" to receive 50% less cash compensation for a year effective today.

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