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    Daily iPad App: Doodlecast Pro


    Last year, we looked at Doodlecast for kids from zinc Roe. It's an iPad app that lets your kids record themselves talking while they draw on the screen. The app records both the audio and the drawing and combines the two into a single video. My kids loved Doodlecast and continue to fill my iPad with narrated drawings. With Doodlecast Pro, the developers took this underlying technology and used it to create a consumer version of the app.

    Similar to the kids version, Doodlecast Pro lets you simultaneously record both your voice and your drawings on the iPad screen. Instead of doodles, it's meant for creating basic presentations and mocking up images. I could easily see an interior designer mocking up a picture of a room or a landscaper drawing out rough plans for an outdoor project. It would also be perfect for teachers who can mark a problem wrong on a student's quiz and whip up a Doodlecast video that explains why the answer is incorrect.

    Anyone with video editing experience will appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of Doodlecast Pro. The first time you launch the app, you're presented with an open slate to create a Doodlecast. There's a set of tools that let you draw, erase and use a pointer to single out objects on the screen. You can also swap out the plain background with one from your iPad's photo roll.

    When you're ready, you can hit the record button and start your narration. You can pause the recording at any point, make changes and resume right where you left off. When you're done recording, you can save the file to your Photos, share it via email or upload it to YouTube.

    The app makes it so easy to create and share a short video with images and audio. I can't imagine doing it manually with a standard video camera, a microphone and Final Cut Pro. It would take you an hour manually, ten minutes with Doodlecast Pro. It's also very flexible. You can use it to whip up a quick video to send to a co-worker or take time to do some planning and produce a presentation your could send to a client.

    Doodlecast Pro just landed in the App Store for US$3.99. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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