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Frogster releases TERA Europe pre-order and beta info, new video

Jef Reahard

Yesterday we told you about TERA's North American pre-order program and the associated closed beta dates. Today Frogster has released similar info for the European version of Arborea. Various Euro media outlets will be distributing beta keys over the next couple of days, and lucky fans will get a sneak peek at the game between 3:00 p.m. CET and midnight this Saturday and Sunday.

Euro closed beta tests begin on February 17th, and you can either take your chances by registering on the game's official website, or pre-order and get guaranteed access to all five events. Pre-ordering also gives you head-start access on May 3rd, name reservation privileges, and various special items depending on your retailer of choice.

The retail collector's edition features the game soundtrack, a world map, an art book, and more, and you can learn all about it at TERA's European website. Note that En Masse and Frogster are redirecting traffic based on your IP address, so if you're in America and you click on the links below, you'll be taken to the En Masse site. Before you go, click past the cut and have a look at the spiffy new pre-order trailer.

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