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Snag this crazy iOS peripheral, get free ride in a police car


This happens to us every time: We walk into the cell phone store, search the displays excitedly, and are immediately disappointed by the lack of small firearms for sale. Every time. Mobile games developer Metal Compass is looking to change this depressing experience with the Xappr, a gun-shaped smartphone peripheral for a selection of augmented-reality and shooting apps, including AR Invaders and Spray'Em. Xappr is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices, although no Windows games are available at the moment.

Metal Compass will be showing off the Xappr at the Nuremberg international toy fair, which runs February 1-6, and expects to begin shipping it in June. Xappr is available for pre-order now, at the lowest price you'll ever pay for a gun you didn't steal: $30 (plus $15 shipping in the US).

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