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Ticket to Ride Pocket updates, adds asynchronous mode


Ticket to Ride Pocket has added a major update to the train baron simulator, allowing for asynchronous gameplay. Track-layers can now conduct up to four games at once using the new multiplayer mode. The game also now permits play across iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads in local mode across Bluetooth, WiFi and telegraph wire.

"This is the update Ticket to Ride players have been clamoring for since we released Ticket to Ride Pocket," said Days of Wonder founder and CEO Eric Hautemont.

The company also shared that sales of Ticket to Ride on iOS have reached 350,000, with over 27.6 million games played and a new one starting every four seconds. We were pretty impressed by the faithful translation of the board game when we played the $2 app over the holidays, which is also available in more expensive forms on iPad and XBLA.

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