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Breakfast Topic: How did you get started?


I wanted to have Simply Red's Something Got Me Started video as the header for this column, but for some reason the video has embedding disabled. Ah well -- it'll probably serve to continue the impression that I have anything resembling good musical taste. Oh no, wait...

So the clue's in the name really: How did you get started playing WoW?

I was never really a big gamer before -- not to this extent, anyway. My brother and I had gotten an Amiga 500 as young kids, and we played a lot of a game I think was called Commander Keen and various others. Then, inevitably, we got Game Boys, and Zool was my favorite thing in the world. As we got into the N64, my role was mainly worker-out of puzzles, while the bits that required hand-eye coordination fell to my brother. I am consistently bad at jumping onto things in WoW; I still have dreams about wiping my raid's Nefarian attempts with pillar fails. I wish my brother could have stepped in for a second to do that for me.

But my friends from the local pub had started talking about this WoW game. One day, while I was sitting at one of their places enjoying Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV on their Xbox while they had a break, they mentioned that I would probably really like WoW, as it was kind of similar and a good few of them played it. I thought, "Nah, why would I do that? You have to pay every month for it." But then, bored between Christmas and New Year and feeling lonely (as I was on gardening leave and everyone else was working), I downloaded it and haven't looked back.

What got you started?

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