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Darkmoon Faire achievement progress reset but will be saved in the future


If you're working toward your new Darkmoon Faire achievements, you've no doubt been frustrated by the event's inability to save your progress from month to month. Today, there's some good news: Starting with the February Faire and moving forward, achievement progress will be saved. The bad news? All the progress you made in past months can't be restored -- you still have to work from scratch.

Darkmoon Faire Achievement Progress - Update, 03/02
January's Darkmoon Faire achievement progress status was cleared prior to the launch of February's faire. Any achievements that were started but not completed have had their criteria reset. Completed achievements are unaffected.

However, any future achievement progress (February included) will be saved to your character and will continue to contribute towards progression of those achievements in subsequent visits to Darkmoon Faire.

Regrettably, we are not able to restore any progress you may have made during January's faire. We do appreciate the impact this may have had and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I'm not sure whether or not we should be playing the Final Fantasy 7 victory theme on this one or whether we should be playing the The Price is Right losing horns. What do they do when someone plays Plinko but only gets like $200 out of it?
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