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The Daily Grind: Do you think there's too much group mentality in MMO discussion?

Eliot Lefebvre

When it comes to MMO design, people tend toward certain viewpoints. Some players think that immersion requires an open world, open PvP, and open targets; others think it just requires an interesting story and a player willing to invest. There are people who think that cash shops are a short step toward buying your way through content, and there are those who think cash shops are a great way to get some more gumballs for a game you like. In the broadest terms, there's a sense of an old guard and a new guard, but there's a lot of overlap and a lot that depends on personal viewpoints.

In some ways, this can be helpful for discussion -- knowing that someone really prefers old sandbox games like Ultima Online means that you know right off said person won't enjoy DC Universe Online, for instance. But it also means that we're far more likely to ignore the opinions of others because they dislike certain mechanics, even if they raise valid points. So do you think there's too much of a focus on "old guard" vs. "new guard" when talking about design?

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