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Tomoyuki Tsuboi is Konami's new president

Jordan Mallory

Konami Digital Entertainment has made 14 year company veteran Tomoyuki Tsuboi its newest president. Tsuboi, who comes from a global business planning background within the company, replaces Shinji Hirano, who is now president of Konami's European branch, Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. Tsuboi will "look to grow the business and institute strategies" around the publisher's marquee franchises, such as Metal Gear and Silent Hill, which we're pretty sure means "use our recognizable IPs to make boat loads of cash" in business speak.

Technically speaking, Tsuboi now mans the helm at Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., which is not to be confused with Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., a division of the publisher's Japanese branch (Konami Corporation), which also includes baby-stroller manufacturer Combi Wellness Corporation and valve/pump/fittings manufacturer Takasago Electric Industry Co., Ltd..

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El Segundo, CA – February 1, 2012 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced Tomoyuki Tsuboi has been named President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., replacing Mr. Shinji Hirano, who will be assuming the role of President of Konami Digital Entertainment, GmbH (Europe).

Mr. Tsuboi has been with KONAMI for over 14 years, managing Corporate Planning across multiple divisions, including the KONAMI sports clubs in Japan. Most recently, Mr. Tsuboi helmed global business planning and management for all of the digital entertainment business for the Konami Digital Entertainment Business Planning Group.

Now permanently living in the U.S. with solid understanding of the North and South American markets, Mr. Tsuboi will look to grow the business and institute strategies around franchises, including METAL GEAR SOLID, Pro Evolution Soccer and Silent Hill. In addition, Mr. Tsuboi will oversee production out of the western regions, including emerging mobile and social gaming platforms.

"My goal is to build upon the momentum the entire Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. staff has built for our company," said Mr. Tomoyuki Tsuboi. "We plan to intensify this momentum by continuing to innovate across our core franchises and creating those memorable gaming experiences that has been synonymous with KONAMI over the past four decades."

Mr. Tsuboi officially assumed the position of President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. on November 16th, 2011.

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