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Breakfast Topic: What role do you play in your guild?


I recently wrote a Breakfast Topic about roleplaying and was considering what I said that we all play a role in WoW. The replies to that topic were really fascinating, by the way -- thanks very much!

Now, what crossed my mind is that those of us who are in guilds often play a role. I am really lucky with my guild. Possibly because it includes people I've known for over 10 years, there's a real family feeling to it. The core members are talkative, helpful, and friendly and generally look out for each other, and I like to think that new members coming in to the guild feel welcome.

There are people who fulfill certain roles -- not just the leadership, but the two guys who have loads of gold, the guy who provides all the fish feasts, the girl who provides all the cauldrons and flasks for raids. There are the people who will be happy to boost your alt, the person who has every blacksmithing recipe under the Azerothian sun, the one who knows every instance in the game like the back of his hand, the people who will always have a gem and an enchant ready for you, and the ones who'll talk to you about nothing at all when you're feeling a bit down and lonely. The currently absent German guy who always did the steering of Ryolith and added a cheery voice to frustrating raids. And, of course, the quieter folk who just go about their business with an occasional bit of chat.

We've mostly found our niches and occupy them happily -- or at least I think we do!

So what's your role in your guild? Are you the gatherer of fish? The shoulder to cry on? The one who jokes around and bubbles death knights in raids to troll them? Or are you a lone wolf, a solo adventurer, guildless and answering to no one?

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