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Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment begins 'Level 2' fundraising


The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in San Francisco held a Kickstarter fundraiser last year to put money together for a public space, and that round of fundraising resulted in a successful gallery showing of some old early 3D games. Now, the museum is at it again, trying to raise money directly for the next six months.

It's called the "Level 2" campaign, and the Museum is trying to raise another $20,000 for various events and programs. Anyone who donates more than $25 will be able to get a gift of a sticker or a t-shirt. If you don't want to go through PayPal, the museum is accepting donations directly at its Oakland location as well.

The museum has been holding video game tournaments, programming classes (seen above), and open hours every week, and is now home to the GamePro archives. The donation campaign will run through March 31.

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